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Cone of Shame:01
Added 10 days ago    747 views
Our contestant sits in the gunge tank and secures the cone of shame around their neck. They must answer 10 questions but each time they get one wrong various things are poured over their face, slowly filling up the cone. At any time they can lean f...
Buzz Off:25
Added Sunday    320 views
Joe has 4 minutes to complete the run of the buzz wire game without setting off a gunge drop. Each time he's slimed he has to start again. He gets green, black and red gunge during the game and at the end of the game he gets a nice covering of thick...
Swamp Scavenger:10
Added 17 days ago    703 views
Our player must first answer 3 questions to try and reduce the number of letters they will need to pull from the swamp. For each question they get right, the word is shortened and for each one they get wrong, they get a pie. They then get in to the s...
Wet and Messy:01
Added 24 days ago    485 views    3
JamesinMess and Adam wear skin tight white body suits (with Speedos under them for modesty (and Instagram) reasons and step in the the gunge tanks. If they answer their question incorrectly then they are squirted with water to make the suits cling e...

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