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"Packed pouches"
There are some beautiful bulges in this clip and both players look great in their wrestling singlets. Hot bods looking amazing clad in Lycra! There's enough 'give' in the Lycra to show how well endowed they both are

I love these games as there's always a chance that the players could swap positions which adds to the excitement. Seb takes his punishment like a pro and my only hope is that he gets his own back.

TomDavies 1/2/24
"Well worth the money"
I so loved this video in lots of ways, not only was the gunging just full on, "AJ Nasty" was just so fun and entertaining. Chelsea kit also! Well worth the money when you consider other produces want silly amounts for lesser videos.

"Singlets, Slime and Bulges--what more could you want!"
Lovely wrestling singlets and lovely bulges throughout. Both players take the cold gunge in their stride. A brilliant game to play head-to-head and the last round was soooo close. The wiping down at the end of the video is a nice little bonus as well.

TomDavies 9/21/23
Very sexy video! I love how Lycraste fills the gap in silvermillennium's singlet. Who can blame silvermillennium for getting excited, I know I was excited just watching this video. Both players take the cold gunge like pros and there's plenty of mess to go around.

TomDavies 7/3/22
"JamesinMess? I should say, and more"
James looks rather apprehensive from the start--as he should be! He sits in the pool and takes everything that is thrown at him, like a real pro! And the mess just keeps coming he looses his top and then looks really worried as his shorts are cut away to expose black briefs. Turned round so his back is to the camera the real humiliation--a gungey wedgie! Yet more gunge, tickling and a pie to the face before a final roll around in the gunge.

James is a fantastic looking guy and full marks to him for 'accepting' his punishment. Even so he still manages to look hot in his black/gunged briefs. Thanks James. Please come back for more.

wills 5/18/22
"Visually Stimulating!"
This is such a fun idea. I really enjoyed, ahem, watching this. The entertainment level in this video is high. It's fun to watch Adam and LycraStee put thought and consideration into guessing the colours in spite of them being blind-folded. The suits being worn by these three attractive fellas are very sexy. It's great to see the contestants and their suits not only covered, but also filled with lots of lovely gooey gunge. Some nice ASMR if you're into PVC suits as well! The ending of this video is great to watch, with the 'loser' sitting on the winner's lap for a final gunging. But wearing clear plastic suits and being covered in buckets of slop, both lads are winners.

MonsieurBrideau 5/9/22
"Filling PVC suits"
Great video where PVC suits get well and truly gunged. The guys look as though they were really enjoying it, especially the ending.

messymerv 5/8/22
"Highly recommend!"
Absolutely incredible extremely enjoyable and well made lots of wonderful closeups james is absolutely gorgeous and stunning person.

OtterlyAmazing 2/23/22
"Hot guys in sexy singlets enjoy a fun and messy game"
Two hot guys in two sexy singlets! This is a great format for a gunge game. Both players genuinely try to avoid the slime, and neither escapes clean. Nicky is playful and competitive, but that doesn't exactly work in his favor. My only wish is that the video went longer, because who wouldn't want more? Nice work!

PaulyB 8/19/20
"Hot and Horny plus cold gunge... what more could you want?"
Have just got this video as it has two of my favourite victims--sorry, models--Lycrastee and Silvermillenium. It does not disappoint. As the 'game' proceeds it is clear that Silvermillenium is enjoying it while having the singlet filled up. The tiny red singlet is struggling to contain him despite some very cold gunge! Both get thoroughly messed up.Lycrastee also gets well covered but escapes having his singlet filled! A very good video--can recommend into all.

wills 8/1/19
"Hot guys getting gunged"
2 of my favourite hot gunge fans getting repeatedly slimed in wrestling singlets, what's not to like?

RubberNLube 5/28/19
"Mbs1991 gets a lovely tanking :)"
It's only short at just under 4 minutes... but who could say no to mbs1991 getting gunged! He's cute and it takes the goop so well :) Wish there was a quick shot of his slimey feet, but otherwise I definitely enjoyed it! Please gunge him again! :D

bsmithyst 6/5/17
"Slimy gameshow is where it's at"
Nice work... I especially like Mbs1991, he seems like a perfect gunge target, so my only wish is that he got even more of the slime!

bsmithyst 2/11/17
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